Activists Shares Reasons For Attacking Taylor Swift’s Private Jet

Two climate activists were arrested at Stanstead Airport, where Taylor Swift’s luxurious plane is thought to be parked as her Eras Tour approaches in London. Essex Police said in a news release Thursday that just after 5 a.m., officers responded to allegations of “people gaining access to a private area of an airfield at Stanstead Airport.”



According to the police, the suspects damaged two aircraft after entering into a location “well away from the runway and main passenger terminal,” but did not describe the extent of the damage. The two ladies, who were 22 and 28, were “arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use or operation of national infrastructure.”

Police noted that the incident caused little interruption at the airport, which is around 40 miles outside downtown London, and that aircraft are still operating normally. “We are not anti-protesters, but we will always take action when criminal acts occur,” Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow said in a statement.



While police did not identify the suspects, climate protest organization Just Stop Oil claimed credit in a statement, saying that two of their supporters “painted multiple private jets on the airfield where Taylor Swift’s jet landed mere hours before.”

Just Stop Oil reported that Jennifer Kowalski, 28, of Dumbarton, and Cole Macdonald, 22, of Brighton, entered the private airfield at Stansted Airport at 5 a.m. Thursday and “painted two private jets using fire extinguishers filled with orange paint.”

The two backers are calling on the United Kingdom’s next administration to “commit to working with other governments to agree an equitable plan to end the extraction and burning of oil, gas, and coal by 2030,” according to a statement from Just Stop Oil. Earlier on Wednesday, fans of the group painted the landmark Stonehenge orange in protest.



“We’re living in two worlds: one where billionaires live in luxury, able to fly in private jets away from the other, where unlivable conditions are being imposed on countless millions,” Macdonald told reporters. “Meanwhile, this system that allows extraordinary wealth to accrue to a few at the expense of everyone else is destroying the circumstances required to maintain human life in a rapidly increasing never-ending ‘painful summer’. Billionaires are not untouchable; the climate crisis will affect all of us.

Kowalski, a former sustainability manager, stated that her work in sustainability left her with “no ability to make the necessary changes,” and that she was forced to adopt “desperate measures to make my voice heard.” According to Just Stop Oil, estimates show that 80% of the world’s population has never flown, but 1% of persons account for 50% of worldwide aviation emissions.



“Private jet users are responsible for up to 14x as much carbon emissions compared with a commercial flight,” the advocacy organization claimed. “A single flight in a private jet can easily emit as much carbon dioxide as the average annual carbon footprint for an EU citizen – 8.2 tons.”

While Stanstead Airport declined to comment on whether Swift’s jet was present at the time of the incident, a spokeswoman confirmed to Business Insider that it was not. However, The Independent, using aircraft monitoring reports that Swift’s Falcon 7x landed at the airport around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

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