Alina Habba Ignited A One-Sided Feud With Taylor Swift

Alina Habba Ignited A One-Sided Feud With Taylor Swift

Sometimes former President Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba causes a stir with fashion accessories, other times with an entire legion of pop star fans.



The New Jersey lawyer took a dig at musical icon Taylor Swift on social media, and in an incredibly unsurprising turn of events, Swifties were quick to clap back at the not-so-subtle shade Habba was throwing.





The drama between Habba and the Swifties started with a January 2024 tweet posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, that included a side-by-side photo of the two women along with the caption, “Who thinks this country needs a lot more women like Alina Habba, and a lot less like Taylor Swift?”

Another user piggybacked off the original tweet, adding, “Not to mention, Alina Habba is far more attractive than Taylor Swift.”



Enter Habba, who not only liked the tweet calling her more attractive than Swift but also shared the first tweet comparing the two women on her Instagram Story (via MeidasTouch News).



Alina Habba Ignited A One-Sided Feud With Taylor Swift



Swifties, known for their incredibly passionate love of the international pop star, quickly focused their energy on defending Swift and arguing against what they believed was an inaccurate comparison. Even without writing anything on the matter herself, attorney Alina Habba’s shares and likes of posts directly disparaging Taylor Swift and praising Habba speak for themselves.

Habba hasn’t specifically denounced the international pop star, but considering her boss is former President Donald Trump, it’s not surprising that she wouldn’t be afraid to take a dig or two at Swift.

(After all, there were rumors during Trump’s presidential term that being a Taylor Swift fan in his White House could get you fired — not ideal for Habba.)

Alina Habba Ignited A One-Sided Feud With Taylor Swift

Whatever the reason, Swifties weren’t interested in hearing it. “Um. No,” one user wrote in response to the original tweet claiming the United States needs more women like Habba. “Taylor Swift is a massive positive economic impact on our country.

Alina Habba is stupid and admits she fakes being smart.” Another added, “Habba: dumb, bad at her job. Swift: most successful musical artist of our lifetime, huge cultural influence, intelligent, articulate.”

Alina Habba Ignited A One-Sided Feud With Taylor Swift

Another user compared the two women in a different way, writing, “Taylor Swift had nothing to do with a man losing, and Alina Habba had everything to do with a man losing.” The tweet is seemingly a reference to the 2023 NFL season during which Kansas City Chiefs fans blamed the singer for a tough loss in December of that year.

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