Best Canadian Universities for Media Studies 2023 with Requirements

These Best Canadian Universities for Media Studies are among the Ivy Canadian colleges that offer a variety of media-related majors, including journalism, filmmaking, mass communication, and digital marketing, among others.

These top Canadian universities for media studies are among the top 100 institutions worldwide that provide a superior education in digital media.

Yet, these top universities for media studies are located in Canada, which ranks third among the best countries to pursue media courses.

Canada ranks third on this ranking, after the United States and the United Kingdom, although its media programs are the most cheapest in the world.

Obtaining a degree in communication and media studies from Canada might lead to intriguing job options for overseas students.

Many communication and media studies programs provide co-op or internship options to assist you gain useful work experience while you are studying. Canadian universities are known for their academic brilliance.

This resource features some of the top Canadian Universities for media studies if you’re in the process of choosing the university you want to attend.

This article also covers the tuition costs for overseas students, the general admission standards for these programs, and an overview of the graduate and undergraduate programs that are available in this area.

Compared to media schools in the U.S. and U.K., Canadian media schools are more affordable. As of 2023, tuition at Canadian public media schools will cost between $15,000 and $35,000.

While these privately owned Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies charge between $40,000 and $85,000 for tuition.

The above-mentioned tuition fees vary, though, depending on the school, the student’s nationality, the course of study, and whether or not the student has been given a scholarship (Partially or fully-funded),

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These Canadian media companies do need graduates who are skilled in their preferred media studies. They are especially interested in people who are good public speakers and have great mass communication skills.

But if you want to get ahead in the media industry, you should definitely take courses in journalism, mass communication, digital media, entertainment, and fashion communication at any of the Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies.

The above-mentioned fields or programs will put you in line for top jobs or Hr from top Canadian media companies that need graduates with good skills and training.

But international students must meet certain requirements or criteria before starting any program at any of the Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies.

One of these requirements is that you have to show that you can speak English well by taking a test from a registered and well-known organization like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

But international students who finish a program at one of these Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies will learn about the culture behind media platforms and how the media affects or connects to society as a whole.

if you want to learn more about these Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies, you should check out this resource.

Best Canadian Universities For Media Studies

4. Concordia university

Concordia University, a well-known Canadian school, is the fourth on our list of the best Canadian Universities for media studies. This school was founded on August 24, 1974.

After Loyola College and Sir George William University merged, this Canadian media university was made.

But this Canadian school, which is on the list of Best Canadian Universities for Media Studies, offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in several media programs, such as mass communication, communication studies, communication, and cultural studies.

The way that media studies are taught at Concordia University is a mix of theory and practice.

This school has modern media facilities like a media lab and studios, as well as high-quality production materials that are meant to prepare its students for a successful career in the media industry.

Concordia University, on the other hand, is ranked number 4 in Canada because of its great media and communication programs. It is also one of the top 150 best universities in the world for training in the media.

Concordia University Media Programs.

How to Appy

5. Carleton University

Carleton University is the fifth best Canadian university for media studies. This Canadian media institute was established in 1942.

This Canadian media school is located in Ottawa. It was created to provide high-quality education to Ottawa’s youthful and active citizens.

This Canadian university is well-known for its outstanding journalism and media programs at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.

Carleton University, on the other hand, is the finest school in Ottawa and the eighth best university in Canada for media studies.

The number of people who get in isn’t very high, which is another reason why international students should try to get good grades in their previous courses before applying to Carleton University.

Media studies programs offered At Carleton Unversity

The well-known Canadian university of Leicester, which is situated in the city of Leicester, is third in our list of the Top Universities For Media Studies In Canada.

The University of Leicester provides undergraduate, master’s, and post-graduate education in a variety of media programs. This Canadian university is a research-focused institution that is involved in a variety of studies aimed at achieving long-term growth.

Although the University of Leicester was founded in 1921, it is one of the oldest Canadian schools offering strong media degrees.

This institution is ranked among the top for research and teaching in media, communication, and culture, and it is the largest media and communication institution in Canada today.

Media Study Programs Offered at the University of Leicester

Qualification requirements

  • A level – BBB
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma (first teaching from September 2016) – DDM
  • Access to HE Diploma – D: 24 credits
  • Scottish Higher – BBBBB
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma (first teaching from September 2016)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate (first teaching from September 2016)
  • Scottish Advanced Higher – BBB
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme – 28 points
  • Welsh Baccalaureate – Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (first teaching September 2015)
  • Extended Project
  • Leaving Certificate – Higher Level (Ireland) (first awarded in 2017) – H2, H3, H3, H3, H3
  • Cambridge International Pre-U Certificate – Principal – M2, M2, M2
  • T Level – M

When considering your application, we will look for evidence that you will be able to fulfil the objectives of the programme of study and achieve the standards required. We will take into account a range of factors including previous examination results.