Donna Kelce’s Height Baffles Fans in Taylor Swift Video

Donna Kelce's Height Baffles Fans in Taylor Swift Video

A video of Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift is baffling fans, with some social media users only just realizing how tall the football mom really is.



The clip of Kelce walking arm in arm with Swift at Super Bowl LVIII in February was posted X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. The pop star began dating one of Donna’s sons, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in July 2023.





The couple went public with their relationship last September, when the 34-year-old singer came to watch the Chiefs take on the Chicago Bears at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium.

Swift has since been spotted cheering on Kelce at several games, including at the Super Bowl, often hanging out with Donna and sometimes her oldest son—former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce—in the VIP area.



In the video shared to X by user @everslay13, fans noticed that Swift is the same height as Donna, despite wearing high-heeled boots.



Donna Kelce's Height Baffles Fans in Taylor Swift Video



Considering that the singer is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, @everslay13 wanted to know: “HOW TALL IS DONNA???????” Since being shared, the footage has received over 548,000 views, with other users stunned by the revelation. “Omg this is brand new information and I am shocked!!!” commented user Caroline.

“She is not even using heels and is nearly taylor’s height,” said Santi. “I think the boys said she was the athletic one in the family too so the tall, athletic genes came from her,” wrote @GridManger.

“Taylor is the smallest adult in the Kelce fam,” joked Val. “Taylor has always felt too tall and judged for her height. Now girlie is the shortest in her boyfriend’s family,” said Emily Reid.

Donna Kelce's Height Baffles Fans in Taylor Swift Video

“She went from ‘monster on the hill’ to ‘small girl in the family’!” commented @OrdinaryfoolNJ, referencing a lyric from Swift’s 2022 hit “Anti-Hero.” “It warms my heart seeing people include her in the Kelce fam,” said Carolina. Since her sons hit the big time as football stars, Donna has become famous in her own right.

The 71-year-old has 658,000 followers on Instagram and 52,800 subscribers on X. She’s had lunch with the likes of Martha Stewart and walked the red carpet at QVC’s “The Age of Possibility” event in April.

Donna Kelce's Height Baffles Fans in Taylor Swift Video

Last December, Kelce subtly showed her support for her son’s romance with Swift. The former banker shared a video during her vacation on a cruise ship. When she showed off her suite to fans in the footage, many users noticed that Swift’s song “The 1,” from her 2020 album Folklore, was playing in the background.

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