Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics English

Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics English

Fuyunohanashi Lyrics English by Given. Here is the trending complete English translation of Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics with video.

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About Given Fuyunohanashi Song

In episode 9 of the anime adaptation of Kizu Natsuki’s manga Given, the band Given performs the insert song Fuyu no Hanashi.

The song began with a vocal melody created by Mafuyu. A year later, he encounters Ritsuka, who is completely shocked after hearing Mafuyu perform it and asks him to join his band as the vocalist. Ritsuka composed a guitar riff for the track, and Mafuyu was now in charge of finishing the lyrics.

Mafuyu was struggling with the suicide of his boyfriend from the previous winter, and he had been hiding his sentiments for a year, delaying the writing process until the very end. He wrote a song about him in which he laments his inability to move on and how lost he feels.

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Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics English Video

Below is the complete and correct English translation of Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics.

Given Fuyunohanashi Lyrics English Translation

It remained unmelted
Like snow in the shade
I live with feelings

Hey, I’m in this love
What words should she close

All of you
Lose tomorrow
I’m wandering in eternity
I can’t say goodbye
Stay still
With me

Magical that can’t be solved yet
Or like a curse
Carrying heavy luggage

Hey, I’m in this city
What kind of tomorrow should I look for


Cold tears freeze in the sky
By the time you pretend to be gentle and fall
That there was someone with someone away
Just that much story

All of you
Even if you lose your shape
I’ll live in me forever
I can’t say goodbye
With me starting to walk
Together forever

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