Jason Kelce Reveals what Made Him Cry at Taylor Swift’s Concert with Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce Reveals what Made Him Cry at Taylor Swift's Concert with Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce isn’t afraid to shed a few teardrops on his guitar.

After all, the former Philadelphia Eagles center got very emotional while watching Taylor Swift—who is dating Jason’s younger brother Travis Kelce—gift a young fan her famous “22” hat during the Red portion of her Eras Tour show in London.



“Dude, I’ve never cried at a f–king concert,” Jason told Travis on the June 26 episode of their New Heights podcast, admitting that he was “literally tearing up” watching the Swiftie’s wildest dreams come true. “It was f–king so special. It was great.”



Travis agreed, noting that the “Karma” singer tries to make “every show unique” for her fans—whether it be inviting an unexpected guest onstage or performing different acoustic songs at each show.



“That’s my favorite part,” Jason said, referencing the “surprise song” section of the concert. “To be able to perform those seamlessly on the spot with nothing else to hide it, that was the highlight of the evening for me.”



The retired athlete also couldn’t help but to bask in the afterglow of the endurance Taylor showed throughout her 45-song set.



“Obviously, Taylor is an amazing singer-songwriter,” he raved. “If I did what she did for one song, I would have to change my clothes.”

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