Jason Kelce’s Shocking PDA With His Wife, Kylie Goes Viral

Is there anyone with more zest for life than Jason Kelce? The iconic Philadelphia Eagles center may be retired, but he’s keeping himself busy and having a great time while providing joy to others away from the hard gridiron. According to an official news release from the team, Kelce organized a Beer Bowl drinking game, with earnings benefiting the Eagles Autism Foundation.



There aren’t many more win-win situations than combining philanthropy and alcohol consumption. Kelce appears to have sat out the majority of the tournament due to hosting commitments. However, you knew that a gentleman and scholar who can slam beers with the best of them would not pass up the opportunity to participate in the festivities.

Beers were not the only thing Jason Kelce was ‘slamming’. In recently released video, Kylie Kelce who was busy talking to someone, got her ‘bum’ smacked by her ever loving husband and fans had so many admirable words for Jason nd Kylie’s love. One fan wrote “I could not love these people more”, while another person commented on the act. “😂 Kylie didn’t even flinch.”



In another video shared on the New Heights podcast X (previously known as Twitter) account, Travis Kelce’s sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce, 32, is shown rocking to Swift’s smash single “Love Story” at her husband Jason Kelce and Travis’ annual fundraiser, New Heights Beer Bowl.

The short video shows the mother of three clutching three pitchers of beer while expertly singing along to the 2008 hit. “See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns /See you make your way through the crowd /And say, ‘Hello’ /Little did I know /That you were Romeo, you were throwin’ pebbles /And my daddy said, ‘Stay away from Juliet’ /And I was cryin’ on the staircase/ Begging you, ‘Please don’t go,’ and I said / Romeo, take me somewhere we an be alone,” Kylie sang.



The annual event began on Wednesday, June 26, and will end on Thursday in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Jason, a former Eagles center, will join both New Heights and Eagles fans for a fundraising event to help the Eagles Autism Foundation, according to the NFL team’s website. Last year’s event generated approximately $500,000 for the nonprofit.

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