Jugaste y Sufrí Lyrics English – Eslabon Armado

Jugaste y Sufrí Lyrics English

Jugaste y sufrí lyrics English by Eslabon Armado. Here is the trending complete English translation of Eslabon Armado featuring DannyLux Jugaste y Sufrí Lyrics English with video.

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About Jugaste y sufrí Song

The song Jugaste y sufrí translate to You played and suffered was released by Eslabon Armado in 2020.

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Jugaste y sufrí lyrics English Video

Below is the complete and correct English translation of Jugaste y sufrí by Eslabon Armado.

Jugaste y sufrí English Lyrics Translation

I’m not mad at you anymore
I just watch and think
“Disappointed me”

And I get further away from you
Because I don’t want to suffer anymore
I want to be happy

Your love is poison and more
And I feel a pain, in my soul
but calmly

I open my phone
And I see that you were with another
How I feel

I call you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer
You kill me

I don’t know what was the reason
If I was giving you all my love
I am broken

I had faith in you
But you played and I suffered
I’m really bad
Here I am in my loneliness

I never lied to you
You were my whole whole world
And the truth is
you left me at zero

All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?

there you go little girl
Or not, my compa’ Danny?
Compa’ Pedro

My heart is no longer the same
A wound that is fatal
I will not love again

I cry when it rains
‘Cause when I do no one listens to me
I drown in my tears

I don’t feel better
But the body gets used to it
With a boat or with two, with that I forget you

And now I say goodbye
I wasted my time with you
I see a future
But it’s not you and me

All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?

About Eslabon Armado

Eslabon Armado is a California-based band whose name translates to “connected chain.” The group’s music reframes Regional Mexican music of ranchera with the vocabulary of sierrea music, the “music of the mountain ranges,” as evidenced by their interlocking vocal harmonies, braided acoustic guitars, and basses. While the rhythms and melodies are comparable to those found in norteo, the (mainly) guitars-and-vocals approach evokes the idea of roaming campesino minstrels playing campfire music.

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