Skip Bayless Takes Vicious Swipe at Angel Reese

Skip Bayless Takes Vicious Swipe at Angel Reese

FS1’s Skip Bayless insisted that Angel Reese‘s remarks after her second loss to Caitlin Clark in the WNBA showed her jealousy and bitterness toward her fellow rookie.



On Sunday, Reese and the Chicago Sky suffered a 91-83 loss to the Indiana Fever, with Clark’s 23-point performance – parlayed with nine assists and eight rebounds – leading the way.



Skip Bayless Takes Vicious Swipe at Angel Reese



The loss was a sequel to their June 1 meeting, which Indiana won 71-70. After the game, the former LSU star complained about the officiating favoring the opposition. On Monday, Bayless credited Reese’s reaction to her envy towards Clark, who – besides going up 2-0 against her – continues to grow in popularity.

‘I don’t think she wants to be the villain, but she’s the instigator,’ Bayless said of Reese on Undisputed. ‘Her postgames reek a little bit of jealousy and bitterness. That’s how it comes across to me.’



Meanwhile, his co-hosts Keyshawn Johnson and Paul Pierce noted how Reese plays and talks ‘with an edge’ after agreeing that the Sky rookie’s remarks and play style have painted her the antagonist in their rivalry.





Although Reese put up a double-double with 11 points and 13 rebounds, her game was highlighted by a flagrant 1 after hitting Clark in the head as she drove to the basket in the third quarter. Reese’s postgame remarks did not help her case, as she accused officials of having ‘special whistles’.

‘I think we were playing really hard,’ Reese said. ‘I think we went up really strong a lot of times, and we didn’t get a lot of calls.’

‘And going back and looking at the film, I’ve seen a lot of calls that weren’t made,’ she continued. ‘I guess some people got a special whistle.’

Skip Bayless Takes Vicious Swipe at Angel Reese

Speaking on Reese’s viral comments, Bayless continued to address the negativity of her tone and choice of words. ‘It just comes off as so negative,’ Bayless said. ”You guys, you guys,’ like the media is against her – I don’t think the media is against her.’

‘And when she says ‘special whistle’, I gotta tell you, I’ve watched every single one of Caitlin’s games. There have been so many times when she’s trying to dribble the ball up the court, and she gets met by a very physical defender who just footballs her. And they don’t ever call it.’ ‘I don’t see special whistle.’

Bayless then added to his point by addressing Chennedy Carter’s infamous bodycheck on Clark on June 1, painting her in the same light as her teammate. ‘That Chennedy [Carter] play – that just looked bitter to me,’ Bayless said.’

‘She called her the b-word and just went after her.’ After their first WNBA meeting, Reese hastily told media members that people watch women’s basketball ‘not just cause of one person [but] because of me too.’

However, Bayless quickly pointed out the difference between Reese and Clark’s game attendance. ‘Angel drew 4,000 [fans], and Caitlin drew 20,000,’ Bayless noted. ‘That’s a fact.’ ‘I’m looking at what’s happened in these two losses, and Caitlin has outplayed her. So she’s just gonna have to play better.’

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