Travis Kelce Politely Shuts Down Too Personal Question About Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce gets a boost in his earnings thanks to Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce simply cannot get through an interview without someone peppering him with questions about Taylor Swift, and he’s learned to politely pass when things get too personal.



Speaking at a press conference for the Kansas City Chiefs, the tight end revealed that he “thoroughly” likes cooking with Taylor Swift, but isn’t about to get into details. “That’s a good question,” he said in a response to a reporter asking about their time in the kitchen together. “You know, I respect that question, but I’m going to keep that one to myself. Because, you know, I thoroughly enjoy cooking with her, so it’s something I’d rather just keep personal.”



Fair enough! Though Travis seemingly changed his mind towards the end of the press conference because he ended it saying “Taylor makes a great Pop-Tart and cinnamon roll.”



Taylor and Travis haven’t been seen together in a minute due to his work obligations and her grueling Eras Tour schedule, but he did show up to watch her perform in Paris back in May (with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper). The couple were then spotted enjoying a mini vacation in Lake Como, and a bunch of adorable pics of them looking absolutely smitten on a private boat tour were taken.

Travis Kelce Politely Shuts Down Too Personal Question About Taylor Swift



Back in April, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Taylor and Travis couldn’t be more mutually obsessed, and noted that they “admire each other’s creative processes and work ethic. They cheer each other on, respect each other’s opinions, and are open and communicative.”

Sounds pretty ideal, tbh.

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