Travis Kelce Receives ‘Death Threats’ at Fundraiser

In a shocking turn of events, NFL player Travis Kelce became embroiled in a death threat incident unrelated to his activities. The incident occurred on June 16th, outside a recent benefit. A popular video on social media showed a topless man standing in downtown Los Angeles with a guitar bag, claiming to have a pistol inside. The unidentified man launched a 20-minute rant, threatening to assassinate President Joe Biden. Unexpectedly, the man focused his attention on Travis Kelce.



“I want to kill Travis Kelce,” the man said. “I have a gun in here.” I’ve got a gun right here to assassinate Joe Biden. Where is the Secret Service?” The footage ended with law enforcement officers swiftly apprehending the man and placing him in handcuffs.



This incident happened just weeks after Kelce had a funny meeting with President Biden at the White House following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII victory. Kelce’s “My Fellow Americans” speech entertained many, and he recently discussed it on the “New Heights” podcast.

During the podcast, Travis Kelce told a funny story about his close experience with President Biden and the Secret Service. Kelce admitted that he feared being tazed by the Secret Service for being too near to the President.



“I had no idea President Biden was gonna ask me to come up and let me have my moment,” stated Kelce. While the famous tight end has a friendly relationship with the President, he has not publicly expressed his political views. However, his girlfriend, Taylor Swift has been more vocal.

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