Travis Kelce Reveals Hilarious Story About His High School Baseball Coach

Travis Kelce Reveals Hilarious Story About His High School Baseball Coach

Like many NFL players before him, Travis Kelce was a man of many talents.

An athletic freak and physical specimen, the younger Kelce brother had other interests besides football when he was growing up.

He also tried his luck in baseball when he was in high school, and that led to a bit of an urban legend, or so we thought.



In the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, his brother Jason asked him about the legend of 6’6”.

Travis jokingly admitted that his high school baseball coach used to hype him up, and he once introduced him by lying about his height, leading to the rest of the team to actually make fun of him.



He stated that he didn’t always play baseball because he was ineligible at first, and with that kind of hyped-up and fake introduction, he didn’t exactly have a lot of credibility inside the locker room.

Unfortunately for the fans, that wasn’t the great story they were looking for.



Still, it’s pretty safe to say that he turned out to be quite the successful athlete, and he should be thankful for the fact that he got to stay on the gridiron.

Travis is now considered to be one of the greatest — if not the greatest — tight ends of all time.



And even if that’s not the case, his résumé is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, and the craziest part is that he’s still going strong and will have plenty of opportunities to continue adding milestones and achievements to it.

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