Travis Kelce Shows Off New ‘Fearless’ Friendship Bracelet as He Steps Out in Cannes

Travis, Jason, and Kylie Kelce flew to France for an appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival on Thursday, June 20, and were seen wandering along the shore in between activities. Travis, 34, dressed casually in white sneakers, cream-colored shorts, and a knit button-up with baby blue stripes.



The tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs wore a matching blue baseball cap and two friendship bracelets, which are popular among his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s fans. Travis wore a “Cannes” bracelet to commemorate the festival where he and Jason, 36, represented their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, and Garage Beer.

Travis’ second bracelet read “Fearless,” a tribute to his superstar girlfriend, who performs the song on her Eras Tour. A fan crafted the bracelets at BonBonWhims’ Charm Bar, which was one of the festival’s activations. Jason wore his customary flip-flops while walking with his wife Kylie, 32, who wore a blue button-up dress and brown sandals.



The Kelce brothers are in Cannes for the festival’s annual Sport Beach, where they discussed the new audience Swift’s fans has introduced to their NFL-focused podcast. During a panel, Jason stated that he and Travis have welcomed their new followers and that it has “been fun” to witness the many fandoms come together as Travis and Swift continue their romance.

“It’s been fun for me, I have three little girls, so in some ways, the show and everything that’s transpired over the past year, has given reasons for girls to get involved in a sport where previously there wasn’t that much interest,” Jason said the audience while appearing.



Travis will have a couple more weeks of free time before the Chiefs begin mandatory training camp on July 23 in Kansas City.

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