Travis Kelce ‘uncomfortable’ around Taylor Swift fans after broken ‘peace’ moment on tour

Travis Kelce ‘uncomfortable’ around Taylor Swift fans after broken ‘peace’ moment on tour

Travis Kelce was among the many famous faces to join Taylor Swift during the European leg of her highly publicised Eras Tour in London.



As well as being spotted partying with other A-listers in the VIP tent, the Kansas City Chiefs player also made a surprise cameo on stage alongside his girlfriend.

Although the athlete appeared to be enjoying his time at the show and was even spotted dancing along, Travis is said to have experienced a moment that “broke his peace”.

During the second of three Wembley Arena shows, one Swiftie filmed the star performing her 2019 hit Lover before panning the camera to the VIP tent.



Travis could be seen singing along in a romantic daze before spotting the camera and instantly appearing stern.

According to celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman: “Not only did Travis freeze when he noticed he was being filmed, his smile also dropped.

“Which are both signs of feeling uncomfortable at being watched, he can also be seen, very briefly towards the end of the video, to be licking his teeth.



“This is more than him showing that he’s tense or upset, this is potentially a sign of frustration when someone feels threatened.”

“The signal can be used when we feel as if someone has entered our personal space without permission.”

“He was mouthing to her ‘my, my, my…’, and just as they’re about to say ‘lover,’ Travis suddenly sensed that he wasn’t having an intimate, private second with his lover, and that appears to have gotten to him.”



Referencing the fact he caught the fan filming the expert claimed: “The experience broke his peace at that moment.”

After sharing the clip on TikTok, the user also referenced the fact she was spotted and remarked: “Not me getting caught filming them,” with several crying emojis.

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