How to Get Security Guard Job in Canada from Nigeria

Get a Security Guard Job in Canada in 2023 | Ontario: Toronto, Brampton, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Vancouver: Several reputable companies employ security personnel in various locations across Canada. Interested and qualified applicants are welcome to apply for this position. If you have a work permit in Canada, you can apply for security guard jobs in Canada as a foreigner. 

Employers promote equal employment opportunities for all job seekers, including those who self-identify as members of the following groups: Apprentice, Aborigines, Newcomers to Canada, 2023 Students. Anyone who is legally permitted to work in Canada can apply for this job. Employers will not consider your application if you are not currently eligible to work in Canada. 

What’s the Easiest Way to Get a Job From Nigeria to Canada?

Don’t nurture the idea of going to Canada “the easiest way”. If you’re not willing to put in time, effort and your money into the process. If you don’t have the education and job skills to be selected for Permanent Residency, then you should forget about trying to immigrate to Canada. Canada is the destination of over 400,000 immigrants every year – people who have a university degree or two and have something to contribute to the country and its economy. Canada doesn’t want slackers who are not willing to at least work hard to get here. To be in Canada you must put in the work to be there.

What You Need to Know Before Applying for Security Guard Job From Nigeria to Canada

In order to hire someone from outside Canada, a Canadian employer must obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that proves there is no one in Canada able to do that job. This regulation gives workers already in Canada priority for available jobs. (It is as if the Canadian government was trying to act in the best interests of Canadians and those already in the country.)

The requirements for an LMIA cost the employer at LEAST three months of time … and advertising costs which will vary…. because the employer has to advertise the position widely in Canada for a month. If the employer receives no applicants, before hiring outside Canada, the employer must apply for an LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada.

Processing for this takes two months. The fee is $1100 Canadian. Then, if the LMIA is approved, the employer has to wait for the job applicant’s work permit (temporary) or PR (permanent) to be approved, which will be a MINIMUM of six months and easily take a year or more.

So we’re talking a delay of at least a year and possibly two years plus before the out-of-county worker can even start work. This is why – for example – if a restaurant needs a cook, they will just hire someone already in Canada and legally able to work in Canada. There are plenty of skilled Canadian applicants, those born here and those who have already immigrated to Canada.

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All of the above explains why it is so difficult for someone from outside Canada to gain a job offer from a Canadian employer. It has nothing to do with the applicant or the job portal. It is because of employment law in Canada. It is so time-consuming and so expensive to hire outside Canada that the majority of Canadian employers won’t even look at an out-of-county application.

In addition to all the regulatory requirements, Canadian employers don’t have the time or resources to try to verify out-of-country references/qualifications, especially those in an unfamiliar language. Nor are they willing to hire someone they have never met since collaborative teamwork is an important part of Canadian workplaces.

Anyone who tells you different – especially if they’re asking you for money to find you a job in Canada – is probably trying to scam you to get your money.

As long as you’re outside Canada, 99.9% of the time a Canadian company cannot hire you. Your Chances are low.

Security Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2023

Businesses are looking for suitable and vigilant security guards to ensure their assets are protected. Canada’s Security guard jobs for Foreigners are responsible for writing down the names of visitors, patrolling property, and arresting trespassers.

To be successful as a security guard in Canada, you must maintain a certain level of professionalism and vigilance. A competent security guard is aware of everyone entering the facility and will take precautions to prevent inappropriate behaviour. 

CompanyAirports, Banks, Industrial Areas, Hotels, Motels, Bars, Restaurants
Job LocationAcross Canada
NationalityAll Nationality can Apply
LanguageEnglish, French
EducationNo Degree, High School or Diploma
ExperienceExperience is an asset
CredentialsCPR Certificate, Security Guard License
Salary RangeTo be Discussed
Employee BenefitsAttractive
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Security Guard Job Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Qualified for safety training.
  • Basic knowledge of first aid is an advantage.
  • physical fitness and fitness.
  • Preference will be given to those with security guard experience.
  • Attention to detail.

Specific Skills for Security Guard Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Conduct security checks of passengers and baggage. Check the customer’s age rating. Implement regulations to maintain order, resolve disputes and monitor establishment activities. Collection and delivery of cash and valuables

  • Work environment: managed by employer
  • Own tools/equipment: uniform
  • Site environment: outside; noisy; air conditioning
  • Transport/Travel Information: Company transportation
  • Working conditions and physical abilities: work under pressure. attention to detail; standing for long periods of time; go
  • Information about your place of employment: All over Canada 

Security Officer Job Descriptions, Duties and Responsibilities

There are many companies in Canada interested in hiring experienced and dedicated security guards. As Canada’s Foreign Security Officer, you are responsible for protecting your employees, customers and visitors. They are also responsible for identifying strange occurrences and preventing vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity

A guard’s job description should include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Conduct regular property inspections.
  • Monitor property entrances.
  • Allow entry to both pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Report any behavior or incident that seems suspicious.
  • Lock all doors, windows and exits.
  • Monitor surveillance camera
  • Respond immediately to alarms and take appropriate action while helping those in need.
  • Send a report on the daily activity of your surveillance device
  • Submit a report detailing all suspicious activity
  • Responding to emergencies 

How to Apply for Security Guard Job in Canada

If you are eligible to apply for a Security guard Job in Canada, you must complete the application and recruitment process in order to be employed. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply to become a security guard in Canada.

  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link after each security guard job title [you will be redirected to his website at JobBank Canada].
  • Read all job information carefully [you can find job description, duties, responsibilities, required education and experience, license requirements, specific skills, work attitude, job location, hiring company, etc.]
  • Then click “View Applications” [You can find your email address or application link]
  • Please send your application and updated resume to the email address provided or complete the online application and upload your resume]

You are done. Wait for your employer to contact you by phone or email regarding your application to become a security guard in Canada. 


How Can I Find a Job From My Country?

It all depends on lots of smaller details related to your education, English/French level, job specialization, origin and age. However, there is a somewhat general scenario that more or less anyone can follow. The only true requirement is determination to make it:

  1. Know or learn English/French at a level enough to search for jobs on-line and speak to potential employers. For the professions like truckers, for instance, basic English should be enough.
  2. Start searching for jobs you are interested at on-line at Canadian job boards and apply with your resume in English/French and Cover Letter, explaining that you are not in Canada and will need an employer to provide you with job offer and LMIA.
  3. Search for employers at smaller rural cities of Canada, where there is a great labor shortage and cold winter conditions. (You can try searching in warmer and bigger cities, but as you can imagine, the process will take way longer, since such cities do not have labor shortage).
  4. Do not expect results overnight. Be patient and apply everywhere you can. Give yourself a month at least.
  5. If your English/French is not so good, start attending courses that prepare you for IELTS/TEF. Do no take just a random English/French teacher. You need to study specifically for the IELTS/TEF tests.
  6. Once you receive a job offer and your employer is ready to provide you with LMIA, 90 % of the hard work is done. After that, just follow requirements to obtain a working visa in Canada from your country and submit all necessary papers.
  7. If money is an issue, borrow from bank or anyone else. Once you get an official job offer and salary listed in it, you have a source of money to give your lenders back when you start working in Canada.

You won’t believe how many people found employment in Canada this way. Among them are: butchers, servers, truckers, receptions in the hotels, farmers, gardeners, nannies. All those jobs that Canadian people are not really willing to do. Just stick to search in smaller rural communities to land a job faster

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