Kylie Kelce gives an Hint on Jason Kelce’s Next Career after NFL Retirement

Kylie Kelce gives an Hint on Jason Kelce's Next Career after NFL Retirement

In a guest appearance on the Today show on Monday, Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce stated, “I think nothing is off the table at this point.” “He’s my husband, so I’m biased, but he’s so good at everything he tries,” Kylie, 32, said of Jason, 36, laughingly adding that “it’s kinda a pain in the butt.”


And it was the former Philadelphia Eagles center, who announced his retirement from the NFL last month, who stated that “nothing is off the table,” Kylie continued. “I think he’s an ideas guy so I think he’s just letting them brew and see what happens,” she added.


Wherever his post-retirement plans take him, Kylie hopes he won’t be stuck at home, where the couple lives with their three daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 1. “He needs to get out,” she said on Today. “It’s not that I need him to get out of the house, he needs to get out of the house.”


“I think that with three small children, I don’t think golf is gonna cut it,” she added. Also on Today, Kylie revealed that Jason, who spent 13 seasons in the NFL, had been writing his emotional, 40-minute retirement speech “for years.” “He had been telling me he was going to retire since we started dating, which was almost nine years ago,” the mom of three recalled.


“Because I think that he understood the impact of what football has been to his life and I think he wanted to make sure that he accurately conveyed that to everyone else,” she continued. “And I think it’s like a moment to give thanks to all people that helped him along the way and he truly contributes his journey to the coaches that he had, the people that he had around him, every single teammate, so he really wanted to make sure that it was correct.”


“And I think it was an outstanding summary,” she added. While Jason’s Eagles career is gone, Kylie hopes that the influence he made on Philadelphia — both its football fans and the city itself — will continue to lead the couple’s children in the future.


“I think that ultimately it’s not about them remembering that he played football, it’s all the lessons that he got from football that he then gets to take with him,” she said in an interview with Today. “When he’s recognized by people and they approach him and they want to take a picture, our girls are too young to understand that not everyone’s dad has people stop them and want to take pictures.”


She continued, “But I hope that ultimately they end up understanding that their dad had an impact on Philadelphia in a way that was wholesome and that he understood the city, enough that he wanted to stay there and raise a family there, that he loved the people that he worked with and will continue to love them. And that he did things in the city for charities and things like that.”


“He gave his blood, sweat and tears to the city and it was out of sheer love and commitment,” she finished, “and I hope my girls see that.”

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