Travis Kelce Calls Out Buffalo Fans for Hate Aimed at His Family and Patrick Mahomes

Travis Kelce Calls Out Buffalo Fans for Hate Aimed at His Family and Patrick Mahomes

While the Kansas City Chiefs’ game versus the Buffalo Bills on Jan. 21 was filled with sweet moments, such as Jason Kelce taking a young fan to meet Taylor Swift in their suite, the tight end did not like one aspect of the game: the comments made by New York supporters.


“There was a lot of hate pulling up to that stadium,” Travis stated on the Jan. 24 episode of his and Jason’s New Heights podcast. “Understandable. We are about to enter the Bills’ home, and they want to make it noisy. Did it get a bit disrespectful? One thousand percent. Did it receive a little extra? “1,000 percent.”


He said, “I’m not going to say anything because that’s what they want. I won’t repeat everything, but certain things were spoken about the family. Some quite nasty remarks were made against Pat Mahomes. “It was pretty crazy.”


And, while the 34-year-old said it was part of “coming into a hostile environment,” he did not share their animosity. “I appreciate that,” he continued, “but I just wanted to make sure they understood it wasn’t mutual. I don’t hate you the way you hate us; everything is love, darling.”


Ultimately, the trash language had no effect on the Kansas City players, who won, taking the squad one step closer to a Super Bowl berth on February 11.The true star of the event, however, was Jason, whose naked antics won over the hearts of NFL fans everywhere—with the exception of possibly his wife Kylie Kelce, who had advised the Philadelphia Eagles player against such conduct.


“The moment we got into the suite, I said I’m taking my shirt off and jumping out of that suite,” Jason explained on the show. “She said, ‘Jason, don’t you dare.'” And she was already asking me to be on my best behavior since we were meeting Taylor.”
Fortunately, Jason made a terrific impression even without his shirt. At least according to his sibling. As Travis said, “Tay said she absolutely loved you.”

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