Saquon Barkley’s Daughter’s Hilarious Reaction To Dad Joining Eagles Goes Viral

Saquon Barkley’s Daughter’s Hilarious Reaction To Dad Joining Eagles Goes Viral

In the wake of Saquon Barkley’s move to the Philadelphia Eagles, a heartwarming yet comical anecdote has emerged, revealing his daughter’s reaction to the transition.



The running back, formerly of the New York Giants, shared the amusing incident during a recent video documenting his first day as an Eagle.



Barkley recounted his conversation with his daughter upon informing her of their relocation to Philadelphia. “When I told her that we’re going to be going to Philly, she kind of was just like, ‘Does that mean we’re going to win now?’” he chuckled.



The clip, which quickly went viral, sheds light on Barkley’s family dynamic amidst his professional endeavors.

Aware of her father’s history with the Eagles, including a recent playoff loss and January 2023 encounter, Barkley’s daughter couldn’t help but express her optimism for success in their new team.



This heartwarming moment was part of a longer video released by the Eagles on Monday, chronicling Barkley’s first 24 hours with the team.

Barkley’s move to the Eagles marks a significant shift in his career, having spent the first six seasons with the Giants, a longstanding NFC rival of the Eagles.



Despite his tenure with the Giants, Barkley’s decision to join the Eagles has been met with enthusiasm from both fans and teammates alike.

His arrival in Philadelphia is part of a broader series of exciting offseason acquisitions for the Eagles, including names such as Bryce Huff, Devin White, C.J. Gardner Johnson, Devante Parker, and Kenny Pickett.

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