Taylor Swift reacts to Viral “You Belong With Me” moment with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift reacts to Viral "You Belong With Me" moment with Travis Kelce

For Taylor Swift, dancing to “You Belong with Me” with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, following the 2024 Super Bowl was a memorable experience. The pair was spotted dancing and singing along to Swift’s 2008 single while celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph on Sunday night at Resorts World’s Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas—and she can be heard gushing about the occasion in a romantic video that has leaked on social media.


Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, who DJ’d the party, and his girlfriend, model Marianne Fonseca, are seen speaking with Swift, 34, and Kelce, 34, shortly after the Chiefs tight end was heard singing the words to “You Belong with Me” to his girlfriend in a bar.


“I love how he just came very quickly when your song was on,” Fonseca told Swift in the video. “That was the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to me,” said the “Karma” singer, who then exchanged greetings with Fonseca. Kelce then said that he almost did not make it to the dance floor in time for “You Belong With Me.”


“You played it, and I was literally coming out of the bathroom,” the NFL player explained. “I’m like, ‘Yes!’ It was the perfect time.” “And then we met in the middle,” Swift explained. “I was like, ‘What is happening in my life right now?!'”


In a TikTok video from the event, Kelce was seen singing along to “You Belong to Me” while making a significant alteration to the song’s lyrics. “Are you in love with me?” he sung in the video, pointing to himself rather than singing, “You belong with me.” Kelce was in the DJ booth alongside The Chainsmokers at the time, dancing to the song’s club version before hugging Taggart.


“I didn’t know if I should play it or not,” Taggart told Kelce, according to the video’s description. The Chainsmokers “moved a song in the setlist up for the occasion,” which was “worth it,” according to the video commentary.


Swift was not in the DJ booth when the song played, but according to a video recorded by Keleigh Teller on TikTok, the “Lavender Haze” singer sung along, pointed, and lifted her glass as the words “Why can’t you see / You belong with me” played.

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