Angel Reese’s Mum Complains About Men Sliding Into Her DM

Angel Reese’s Mum Complains About Men Sliding Into Her DM

Angel Reese, a brilliant basketball player from Louisiana State University, is enjoying a fantastic year after winning a championship with the Tigers in 2023 and being voted the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four. It required a lot of effort and commitment, but if you ask Angel, she’ll also mention the powerful women in her life who encouraged her to stay true to who she really is and to perform her best.

One of the women in her cheering section is another Angel Reese, in case you’ve been watching the LSU forwards for a while. Indeed, they are connected.

Her mom is also named Angel.

Yes, Angel’s mother also goes by Angel Reese, and the mother-daughter pair have the same name. In 2023, Angel’s mother posted a humorous message on X, previously Twitter, stating that young guys were DM-ing her, mistaking her for her daughter. She added, “I am getting some crazy dating requests from men my kid’s age who clearly by the content of msg think they’re sending it to lil A,” she wrote.

Both of her parents played professional basketball.

Basketball is ingrained in Angel’s DNA. Her parents were both players when they were younger.

Basketball was Angel Webb Reese’s sport, both in college and professionally. She played for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County team before moving on to a professional team in Luxembourg.

Michael Reese, her father, was a basketball player at Loyola University and Boston College. He was a standout player at Loyola, and according to The Baltimore Sun, he could become fairly angry when playing. According to ESPN, Michael went on to play professional basketball overseas.

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