Things get heated between LSU’s Angel Reese and UCLA at end of Sweet 16 battle

Things get heated between LSU's Angel Reese and UCLA at end of Sweet 16 battle

LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese again sparked a bit of controversy at the end of the Sweet 16 battle against UCLA.

The Tigers won 78-69 to advance to the Elite 8 in Albany, New York.

Reese fouled out with about 30 seconds remaining, and it was clear that she said something to the UCLA bench as she headed back to join her bench.

As Reese headed to her bench, the ABC broadcast crew noted that UCLA coach Cori Close was angry and speaking to the officials about what Reese had said.

Close was very animated as she spoke with an official, apparently complaining about Reese’s actions.

Here’s Angel Reese talking to the UCLA bench ⁦

The heated talk appeared to continue after the game when Reese said something to a UCLA assistant when the two teams were shaking hand

When asked after the game if she had said anything to Close in the handshake line, Reese responded, “No, it was another coach who was talking crazy.”

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