Donna Kelce on Why She Plans to ‘Take a Step Back’ This Super Bowl Week

Donna Kelce on Why She Plans to ‘Take a Step Back’ This Super Bowl Week

For many, attending the Super Bowl is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… but not for Donna Kelce. The football mom will attend the NFL Championship Game for the second year in a row (and sixth overall) on February 11 in Las Vegas to support her son Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs club.


However, unlike last year’s Super Bowl, when the Chiefs faced off against Donna’s oldest son Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL mother of two is taking a different approach to the sports scene this year.

“This year I’m going to take a step back to enjoy it,” Donna says ahead of Super Bowl Week 2024. “I get to enjoy it this time.” In case you forgot, the attention was on Donna long before Taylor Swift (who is dating Travis) became involved. The increased attention to her began around the 2023 Super Bowl, with particular intrigue in whether she would support for Travis of the Chiefs or Jason of the Eagles.

Donna famously donned a special split jersey for both of her boys’ clubs and showed it off on Super Bowl Opening Night, the Monday before the big game. “Last year, I needed to be with the media event,” she says of her itinerary.

So, will Donna attend Opening Night at Allegiant Stadium, which kicks off the activities leading up to this year’s Super Bowl? “I don’t think I’m going to,” she shares. Instead, Donna says she’ll “fly in maybe on a Thursday.”

Rather of adding to an already difficult week for a mother whose son is playing in the biggest football game of the year, Donna says she intends to “just enjoy some of the fun of Vegas.” She expresses a desire to see “some of the shows, some of the different plays and music” that Las Vegas offers. But Donna’s laid-back approach to championship week does not mean she isn’t filled with enthusiasm.

“It’s very surreal and has been over the past year… it’s just exhilarating!” she adds, just days after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship over the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 28 to cement their berth in the Super Bowl.


“This just doesn’t happen,” Donna says of the Chiefs’ second straight appearance in the Big Game. “It’s almost like you can’t even imagine… there’s a lot of players that never ever get to the Super Bowl and to be able to get there twice in a row is almost unheard of,” she said. “It’s just amazing.”

Donna remembered the first thing she told Travis on the field following his team’s victory over the Ravens. “I just stared at him and said, “You were possessed.” “It was just the most incredible feats I’ve ever seen him perform. “He was on a mission, and he was on a mission to ensure that they won this game,” she recalls, praising Travis’ colleagues for their efforts.

“You don’t realize what your sons are capable of when they’re young,” Donna says of Travis and Jason. “And they’ve accomplished much more than I could have ever dreamed.”

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