Paul Rudd Talks About What it Felt Like to get a Hug from Travis Kelce

Paul Rudd Talks About What it Felt Like to get a Hug from Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift’s emotional embrace with boyfriend Travis Kelce following his Super Bowl victory may have been the buzz of the night, but Paul Rudd is still pleased with his own hug from Kelce on the field.


Rudd, a longtime Kansas City Chiefs fan, was on the field with the team following their exciting 25-22 overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers on February 11. Rudd, 54, told MTV News about his tremendous nervousness throughout the game.


“If I did help the win at all, it was because I didn’t mess with all of the things that I had set around because I’m superstitious. And I think the collective superstitions of all fans probably helped contribute to that win,” he said. “But you know, I’m a big fan of that team and I have been my whole life.”


And once the Chiefs secured the win with a touchdown, Rudd and his fellow super fan son Jack, 17, were overjoyed. “When they won, there was sheer elation. It really is truly the greatest feeling,” he said. “And I was there with my kid and he’s feeling the same way, and to share that with him…”


To cap off the day, Rudd got to hug Kelce on the field. “Travis Kelce is the greatest guy, he really is,” the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire actor stated. “He has been working with our charity in Kansas City for many years… And then to get to hug Travis Kelce right after winning the Super Bowl. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s unbelievable.


Paul Rudd

Rudd also confirmed that he’s a true fan of Kelce’s girlfriend, Swift, after attending one of her Eras Tour stops near New York City with his daughter Darby, 13. Refuting the idea that he’s just a “proxy” fan because of his kids, Rudd agreed that he’s a Swiftie himself.


“No, I think she’s really very good, I think she’s great,” he said, before naming his favorite of her songs. “I really like ‘Mastermind,’ I sing a lot of that one. ‘Cruel Summer,’ sure, like everybody else, right? ‘The Archer,’ maybe? ‘August,’ maybe? I’m just going through the A’s, really.” He did, however, concede that, other from Swift, his musical tastes are rather out of date.


“I listen to stuff from a long time ago, I listen to stuff that my parents listened to,” he told me. “I am not hip. I’m out of what’s popular, and it’s not by choice; it’s just because I’m older.”

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