Taylor Swift suffers second accident at a concert in Tokyo as she trips down the stairs

Taylor Swift suffers second accident at a concert in Tokyo as she trips down the stairs

Taylor Swift slipped on the steps during her Eras Tour event at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on Friday night, frightening the “Anti-Hero” singer. Swift, 34, tripped slightly over her long dress as she down many stairs on her raised “Folklore” home, according to a video published on social media.


But the pop singer did not fall, and she brushed it off with a quip. “My life flashed before my eyes,” she said onstage later. “It’s all good, everything’s fine, everything’s great. I’m just so happy that I didn’t fall.”


The singer also recently nearly wiped out during her sexy “Vigilante S–t” chair performance while in town. Swift’s four gigs in Tokyo, her first in the country since 2018, are expected to generate $228 million for the economy, according to EconomicImpact.net.


At last Sunday’s Grammy Awards event in Los Angeles, emcee Trevor Noah joked about Swift’s wandering dollar sign impact. “As Taylor Swift moves through the room, the local economy around those tables improves,” Noah said with a smirk.

At the Grammys, Swift made history. For her album “Midnights,” she won Album of the Year for the fourth time, breaking the record for the most wins in the ceremony’s main category. Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon are now tied for second place with three each.


She also won the Grammy for Best Pop Album, beating Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ed Sheeran. When the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer concludes her Tokyo tour on Saturday, there will be no time for rest and leisure.

She’ll make a quick-turnaround via a 12-hour flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, where her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, will compete in the Super Bowl LVIII with the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.


Thanks to the 17-hour time difference, she should land in Vegas on Saturday night. In a humorous statement from the Japanese Embassy in the US, a spokesperson said, “Despite the 12-hour flight and 17-hour time difference, the Embassy can confidently ‘Speak Now’ to say that if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins.

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