Taylor Swift’s latest Net Worth as Forbes releases their official list of Billionaires

Taylor Swift's latest Net Worth as Forbes releases their official list of Billionaires

Last year was unquestionably the year of Taylor Swift. According to Time magazine, in 2023, the music superstar will be “the main character of the world.” Bloomberg News reports that she has also informally entered the billionaire club. The “Anti-Hero” singer has made it official. Forbes just announced its annual billionaires list, and Swift’s name appeared for the first time.


It’s no wonder that Swift’s groundbreaking “Eras” tour propelled her to new heights of fortune. By the end of 2023, less than midway through its 152-show schedule, the tour had already grossed more over $1 billion, becoming it the highest-grossing concert tour of all time.



According to Forbes, Swift, 34, is the only singer to ever make the list exclusively based on her songs and performances. Her music catalogue alone is worth $500 million. Swift’s continual efforts to re-record her older work have contributed significantly to her riches. In 2021, the singer began publishing “Taylor’s Versions” of her first six albums in effort to reclaim possession.


The most recent re-release, 1989 (Taylor’s edition), arrived in October 2023 and has since outperformed the original 2014 edition. In addition, the “Karma” singer has made more than $500 million from royalties and touring, as well as $125 million in real estate.



Swift fans have been waiting for the album since the artist revealed its release at the 66th GRAMMY Awards. Post Malone, a rapper, and Florence and the Machine, an ethereal indie-rock hit, will appear as guests. Naturally, the announcement set forth a flurry of fan hypotheses. Only 17 days till we find out which are correct.

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