Travis Kelce Battles New Guy for Taylor Swift’s Attention

Travis Kelce Battles New Guy for Taylor Swift’s Attention

Travis Kelce may want to step up his game while in Scotland with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. He could be getting stiff competition from another guy who claims to have his eye on the singer.



Travis Kelce Battles New Guy for Taylor Swift’s Attention



Looks like it is game on for Travis Kelce. Once Taylor Swift lands in Scotland, a new guy plans to try and capture the Cruel Summer singer’s eye. Outlander star Sam Heughan seemingly throws down a challenge to the NFL star and claims he plans to make Taylor Swift forget all about Travis Kelce during her Edinburgh Scotland Eras Tour stop.

People magazine reports that the Outlander star Sam Heughan recently shared on Instagram his plans to attend the Taylor Swift show and steal the singer away from Travis Kelce.




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Does this mean trouble for the Kansas City Chiefs star’s romance with Taylor Swift? San Heughan spilled his plan to his followers on Instagram, writing, “We’re going to go see Taylor Swift play in Scotland, and I think most of the cast is going,” he told the camera while dressed in full costume.

“She obviously doesn’t know this, but when she comes to Scotland, and she sees me in the audience, she’s going to forget all about … him [Travis Kelce] and fall for a man in a ginger wig.”



“How can she resist?” Heughan smiled before jokingly making a subtle jab towards the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. “She’s going to shake him off and take me out instead. I’m really excited!”



Travis Kelce Battles New Guy for Taylor Swift’s Attention

Swiftie fans need not worry. The Outlander cast member appears to be kidding around with his followers, including Travis Kelce. Heughan reveals he is excited to see Taylor’s show but seems to be taken himself. The actor was spotted in London at the end of May, walking hand in hand with a mystery woman.

So, that Taylor Swift fantasy joke may not go over too well with his alleged new lady friend. All joking aside, Swiftie fans can rest assured that Travis and Taylor are completely devoted to each other.

It’s going to take more than wishful thinking to pry those two lovebirds apart. Who knows, the mystery girl may attend the show with Sam Heughan, meet Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, and all four could become new best friends.

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