Travis Kelce Reacts To Reporter’s Bizarre Taylor Swift Question

Travis Kelce Reacts To Reporter’s Bizarre Taylor Swift Question

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the league’s team to beat for quite some time. Travis Kelce already has a couple rings on his fingers, and he wants to add another. With that in mind, a reporter inquired if the Niners or his world-famous girlfriend, Taylor Swift, would receive a ring on Sunday (via Action Network).


Kelce was taken aback by the unusual inquiry, to which he just replied that he hoped to obtain a ring. “I’m hoping I get this ring on Sunday, I know that,” he remarked.


To be honest, Swift has been a bit of a fortunate charm for this club, so perhaps they might consider giving her a ring replica solely for PR purposes. Needless to say, that is not what the reporter intended when he posed the question, and the expression on Travis’ face indicates that he was not prepared for it at all. His bond with the pop singer has dominated the NFL news cycle for months.

They haven’t been together long enough to start thinking about it. However, whether or not this is the case is beyond our ability to dispute, determine, or even have an opinion on. Travis needs to shut down all that outside noise and focus on the game, just like he’s been doing all this time.

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